Bender bending characteristics
Pipe-bending machine shell is made up of hot carbon particles. Flame core temperature up to 1000 ° c. Restore location Yu Yan outside the core, core difference is to restore the brightness of flame and dark. Restore is a product by incomplete combustion of acetylene--hydrogen and carbon dioxide, restore the temperature can be as high as 3,000 degrees Celsius. Outer flame is burning area, located in the restored area, it is made up of water vapor, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, temperature varies between about 1200~2500℃.
  occur in oxidizing atmosphere is in excess oxygen, flame core conical flame length is shortened significantly, contour is also unclear, brightness is Dim; Similarly, the reduction zone, and also shortened the length of the outer flame, flame blue, burning when accompanied by sound and noise associated with the oxygen pressure, oxidizing atmosphere in a higher temperature than a normal flame. If the cut is used in oxidizing atmosphere, will worsen the cutting quality.
and excess in acetylene reducing flame is produced, without obvious contours flame core, flame core end of the Green, to judge by this Green Edge there is excess of acetylene, restoring abnormal flame bright, He Yan-core mix as a whole, the outer flame yellow.          When acetylene is too much, it will begin to smoke, which was caused by lack of oxygen in from acetylene combustion flame.
  Preheat flame size of the close relationship with the quality of cutting, cutting speed. Along with being cut increases the thickness of the workpiece and cutting speed, power must be enhanced flame, but not increased too much, especially when cutting thick boards, metal increases the reaction heat of combustion, preheating of the cutting edge capabilities have been strengthened, this time, Preheat flame too high will make serious melting leading to collapse on the cutting edge. Preheat flames are too weak, the cutting will not get enough energy, forcing the lower cutting speeds, or even result in interrupted cutting. So Preheat flame cutting speed and the relationship is mutual.

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