Pipe-bending machine the importance of cutting process
Pipe-bending machine cutting nozzle and workpiece height by cutting, also cut one of the more important elements, the height of the main factor is to determine the quality of cut and cutting speed. In General, the steel plates of different thickness, you should use different parameters of the cutting nozzle and adjust to the appropriate height, of course, the height of the best remains consistent throughout the cutting process, so that it can get better cutting quality.
    in the process of cutting, and thermal deformation is a very serious problem, accidentally causes the phenomenon, and the internal stress of the material is impossible to balance and eliminate, so all operations need to take some measures to try to reduce.
    in oxidizing atmosphere is oxygen process of situation Xia produced of, flame core is round tapered, length obviously shortened, profile fuzzy, brightness Dim, it of temperature and oxygen pressure about, above normal flame, if is separate using in oxidizing atmosphere cutting, so it of cutting quality will obviously deterioration; also yuanyan is acetylene excess produced of situation, flame core no obviously profile, end has green edge, can through it to judge acetylene remaining status, acetylene excess Shi, There is black smoke, lack of oxygen normal flame flame is restored without free oxygen and carbon, it has three distinct areas, flame core distinctive round cylinder outline, composed of ethane and oxygen, temperature up to 1000 ° c, reducing temperatures can reach 3,000 degrees Celsius.
    flame cutting energy and speed as well as the incisions are quite closely related to quality, cut thicker plate, cut faster, stronger flame energy. In General, when cutting of up to 200 mm steel plate, use a neutral flame can get better cutting quality. If cutting thick steel plate you should use reducing flame cutting flame because it is longer, at least 1.2 times more than its thickness.

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