Pipe-bending machine industry development
Bent tube machine of efficiency how, key is laser processing technology; and bent tube machine of precision laser processing technology can for processing variety of artifacts, that is because its in cutting of when is not need and was cutting artifacts directly contact of, so bent tube machine produced of high energy laser beam can free of for mobile, so let was cutting artifacts of surface heated uniform, so cutting up of precision very high; and precision laser processing technology can cutting all of artifacts material, regardless of is high melting point, and High brittle and high hardness, material, and cutting of effect very of good; due to bent tube machine precision laser processing technology, so deeply general user of love.
       bent tube machine due to has very good of cutting effect, so replaced has traditional of cutting technology, and bent tube machine of precision laser processing technology completely not like traditional of cutting technology as, need using mold, using not only cost costs increased has , And the cutting speed is very slow, so being slowly eliminated believe Bender precision laser processing technology in China will develop better and better.

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