Pipe Bender operating instructions to try
Use before switching tube bending machine, make sure, make no mistake, don't touch the switch. If a task required by two or more persons to complete, so we know in every step of the operation of CNC bending machine is equipped with a number of safety devices to avoid the operator and damage and damage to the equipment.
Note: switch position should be very familiar with emergency stop buttons, so that anyone who needs it, no need to find the way to it, before the places fuse, machine must be off. There is sufficient working space in order to avoid danger. Water or oil to make the ground skidding and dangerous, in order to prevent accidents from occurring, the ground should be kept clean and dry.
danger: control equipment, transformers, motors, junction boxes, high voltage Terminal and other live parts do not use hand (with or without insulation) to touch, otherwise it will cause electric shock. Do not touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise, it may cause an electric shock.

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