Pipe-bending machine control valve maintenance
One, bending machine safety valve open pipe-bending machine safety valve is high pressure in the autoclave Ultra-limited, automatic unloading of parts, so, as high pressure autoclave the container shall be equipped with two, so that when an accidental failure, should be slightly lower than the permitted pressure values in General. In order to guarantee the good performance of pipe-bending machine safety valve requires regular maintenance and routine maintenance work.
b, switch products into the kettle after Kettle door carefully shut the kettle, kettle and kettle suture in place, and pull down the safety raft, in front of the gas finally check the kettle is closed after the maintenance is complete, then open the autoclave door must check if there is pressure inside the kettle. First open the safety raft, within more than makes Kettle steam out before I can open the autoclave door, and kettle operators to avoid being, in case of high temperature steam burns.
three, keep the drain clear autoclave reactor body to withstand loads due to pressure within the formation of steam, but also track pivots and kettle body blows on the autoclave, deadweight and steaming load of vehicles and the weight of the product form, caused due to condensed water kettle and the stability difference between the cauldron at the end of the stress. Autoclaves in this for a long time under cyclical stress, fatigue and its constituent materials can be easily lost some strength. While corrosion of water and gas, also reduced material strength. Therefore, we shall promptly discharge the condensation water in the use, particularly in the initial stages of heating Kettle produces large amounts of condensation water, if it is not ruled out, the cauldron at the end of aggregation, kettle work forms a low temperature region, is the kettle body temperature increases (generally about 10 degrees Celsius. May also be 60-70 degrees) to form Kettle up and down too much stress and thermal deformation difference

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