Pipe-bending machine mould operation impact on security
Bent tube machine mold of primary parts, and effect and the security needs thus job parts punch die is directly makes blank forming of job parts, bent tube machine mold Shang of key parts punch die not only fine and clutter, should satisfaction following needs:
1. cannot in stamping process in the cracking or damaged; due meet of strength, avoid hardness too high and crisp crack; on its information and the hot disposal due appropriate needs; has positioning pin (Board) block material pin (Board) Guide are PIN, and Guide material Board, and set from side knife, and side pressure device,.
2. positioning parts decided a stock device bearing parts, should there be an orientation, taking into account very convenient. Orientation to the purposes of the investigation, the best selection of forward position, offset position and guide pins, and various other parts separation devices fixed on them.
3. supporting and clamping of parts it contains templates, shank, punch and a fixed plate, plate, retainer, templates are bedrock parts of die, especially before and after should be commensurate with the workpiece, the plane of the template, too large or too small to help the operation, need to mould bases under the pad. Together with screw connection between pad and the best templates, some pipe-bending machine mould (blanking, punching type tube bending machine) for convenience, two-pad thickness should be never too big, flat, plate distance can prevail to avoid templates crack. Usually selecting standard parts, large amount of press bending machine mould standard parts.
4. fasteners include screws, nuts, spring, PIN, gaskets, etc. Paint selection should ensure that the fastening and elastic top to avoid disclosure on the surface orientation of fasteners, demand. Avoid bruised hands and hinder operations.
Bender in the mold of security considerations, as well as analyze specific challenges. First prior to analysis must pay attention to the operator's fingers from time to time, entering or remaining in the pipe bending machine mould closure areas, processing by bending machine mould from time to time between upper and lower molds and combination, will pose a serious threat to their personal security.

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